Host Sensor

The DarkBytes Host Sensor is a lightweight agent that runs on Windows, MacOS, or Linux as a privileged service.

The sensor itself is roughly 20MB, consumes around 20MB of memory, and consumes less than 1% CPU.

It does not require any drivers, reboots, or special software.


The following should be completed before continuing with the steps outlined in this article.

  • Valid account registered and on-boarded with DarkBytes.
  • DarkBytes-provided enrollment secret.


First, grab the latest version of the DarkBytes Host Sensor. Note that only 64-bit operating systems are currently supported.

Install & Uninstall

The installer supports graphical, command-line, and silent modes for both install and uninstall operations.

Download links and installation commands can be found in the portal at the link below if you have an account.

In addition, platform-specific documentation can be found in the articles below.